Saturday, 20 February 2010

Digital Imaging ( drawings development)

Right: Map location drawings of where each animal are native, extinct in or are kept in captive (extinct in the wild). Left: symbols for each category of animals.

Top left: Western black rhino, CR, less then 50 mature individuals
, maybe already extinct. Down: Hawaiian Crow, EW, 53 left in captive. Top right: Pachnodus velutinus (snail), EX in 2000. Down: Golden toad, EX, Regionally extinct in Costa Rica. Oryx dammah, EX year accessed 2008, 370 left in captive in Tunisia, Senegal and Morocco.

More Development drawing of the Golden toad, Oryx dammah and Spix’s macaw with different drawing techniques.

First initials ideas of how to represent the animals. Top left is of the Spix’s macaw with a tag that reads: extinct: £00.00. (With more research I found that their critically endangered, not extinct.) Top right is the idea that I develop on towards the final pieces.

Blind drawings and continuous lines of the golden toad ( Incilius periglenes)

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