Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Elvis Presley

The penultimate unit for my first year at uni, omg this year has gone by so fast =O
Word & Image
'Music, rather like food, is something, we as humans, can’t live without. It forms a universal language all of its own and as with food, can be a reflection on the country of origin, era, sociodemographic and other associated influences.

Working in groups of four throughout the duration of the unit, you are asked to respond to one of the following genres of music, which will be determined by a random selection process'
The artist that I was assign to is Elvis Presley - Rock & Roll.
I am getting very excited about this unit, Been watching Elvis's ' That's the way it is' concert from 1970s Las Vegas tour.
" This is an Elvis at the height of his powers holding an audience spellbound with his charisma,talent and amazing voice."
I have chosen 'Blue suede shoes' and 'Hound dog' lyrics to base my initials drawings from.